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Don Dada was established in 2008 with the aim of promoting great music and a dynamic, diverse scene. The company, founded and run by Hanna Cinthio aka Hanouneh, functions as an independent record label, a booking agency and a platform for promoting international creative exchange. Based in Sweden, Don Dada has worked as a hub for connecting artists from Europe, North and West Africa, and the Middle East through innovative projects focusing on conscious, alternative music and social change.


During an intense September week in 2013, a unique collaboration with the purpose of Tawasul – connection – took place in Beirut. Hanouneh and The Awakening Band from Sweden teamed up with politically active rappers and musicians from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Egypt in the name of the struggle for human rights and freedom. Over the course of five days, the Tawasul project generated thematic workshops, five separate performances and the creation and recording of a 6 track EP. Later that year, three of the participating artists visited Sweden and held seminars and concerts in three different cities. Tawasul project got a lot of media attention and some of the articles and interviews can be found here:





In 2014, an autofinanced project connecting musicians from Sweden and West Africa took place in Bamako, Mali through a joint initiative with renowned mandinka/fusion musician Ahmed Fofana. Just two years before, music had been banned by Islamist extremists in the northern parts of the country, and tension was still high. Hanouneh and her band The Rolling Rebels participated in festivals, concerts and workshops with mandinka and reggae musicians. They also collaborated with local producer Manjul in his classic Humble Ark Studio where a track about artistic freedom was recorded with the legendary n’goni master Issa “Techno” Bagayogo who sadly passed away in 2016. Listen to it here:




In 2015, Don Dada carried out a project called Bozoor aiming to connect Palestinian artists separated by the physical and social consequences of the occupation, promoting creative resistance and network building. Through meetings, workshops, concerts and jams in Haifa and Ramallah, hosted by Hanouneh and the Awakening Band, alternative urban artists and progressive folk musicians from different parts of the West Bank were linked up with the Ministry of Dubkey Movement and other cultural activists operating in the 1948 areas. A video of an after-show jamis found here:

Both Tawasul and Bozoor were supported by the Swedish Institute’s Creative Force initiative.


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